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Cabot Trail Motorcycle Retreat - We provide accommodations for motorcyclists visiting Cape Breton and riding the Cabot Trail. We are riders ourselves!

Cabot Trail Extended Tour

DSC 0108 300x201 Cabot Trail Extended Tour

View of Bay St. Lawrence on way back from Meat Cove

Although yesterday was a cloudy and cool day, I rode the Cabot Trail counter clockwise. I did the extended tour that we will be offering. If you have the tour booked with us, expect a 393 KM ride from start to finish and at least 8 1/2 hours that includes a 40 minute lunch at Coastal Waters and gas stops. No supper or time for shopping at gift shops was included in my ride. This will be accommodated though! 

The ride included Neil’s Harbour, Dingwall, White Point, Bay St. Lawrence and Meat Cove.

NOTE on Meat Cove: You will need to be comfortable with your bike, your riding and with gravel/packed down dirt. There is an 8KM stretch that is unpaved and can be a hairy ride at times. Not for the inexperienced rider. Once in Meat Cove there is not much room to turn around as well. If you have a heavy bike beware!

DSC 0104 300x201 Cabot Trail Extended Tour

Road to Meat Cove

Anyways, hope everyone had a chance to ride yesterday!



Good-bye to a great coffee bean


The majority of people start their day with a cup of coffee and for a lot of bikers out there (myself included) a good cup of java gives your motorcycle adventure the tasty jolt it needs on an early morning ride. Here at the Retreat we’ve always taken pride in serving our guests what we believe is the best European style fair trade, certified organic coffee produced in Aspen, N.S. from 522 Gourmet Coffee 20130510 111201 300x225 Good bye to a great coffee bean

Well I found out yesterday, to my absolute horror that it seems they have gone out of business for reasons that have not been publicly verified as of yet. Although it seems 522 Gourmet Coffee has shut its doors due to personal reasons and not for a lack of demand. It took us a lot of taste testing to find the right company to supply our humble little motorcycle bed and breakfast with a good bean. The bean had to be ethically harvested and processed, certified organic and we wanted to support local business. Unlike the big coffee franchises that many of us bikers frequent for a lack of anything better on the road, it also had to be DELICIOUS, of which it was hands down. Even Patrick, who never drinks coffee without a vat of cream and a truck load of sugar would have his medium roast Berlin black with just a wee bit of cane sugar.20130510 111221 e1368200187587 150x150 Good bye to a great coffee bean

I was a big fan of the medium roast Vienna & Brussels light roast but on some days only a dark roast Paris would do. How I will miss having a little bit of Paris at home…

I am at a loss as to what coffee beans our Retreat will use to fill in the most important part of the light continental breakfast we offer, because for me nothing sucks more than bad coffee first thing in the morning. We even went as far as clearing out any sellers in the area of their stock but it won’t last the summer… both Patrick and I are daily java heads and although we only have one a day it has to be the best.

The silver lining in the loss of a great bean is that we have yet another reason to road trip across Nova Scotia. Away we’ll go on our bikes to find the perfect coffee bean or maybe we’ll bring out the big gun, the renegade GoldWing, that way we can fill the luggage compartments with our findings… the GoldWing thing still cracks me up. Wait until you see the finished product,  we’ve been adding a little Mad Max to the Aspencade!

Happy Riding everyone!



Big Spruce Brewing brewing up some great beer!

2013 03 31 15 08 40 527 168x300 Big Spruce Brewing brewing up some great beer!

The sign on Yankee Line – You have arrived!

Big Spruce Brewing opens!

If you like beer, you are in for a treat when you visit Cape Breton. Just down the road from the Retreat, Jeremy White has opened up Big Spruce Brewing. Currently Jeremy is looking at Thursday evening openings for selling Growlers in the future and he will be adding another day. Jeremy opened up to the public for the first time yesterday (Sunday) and had Kitchen Party Pale Ale Growler’s on sale. As we were anticipating his open, we had to give it a try! The beer was great and its just down the road from the Retreat so that’s a plus for us and of course, OUR GUESTS!

2013 03 31 13 40 15 437 168x300 Big Spruce Brewing brewing up some great beer!

Big Spruce Brewing Growler

2013 03 31 13 40 32 725 300x168 Big Spruce Brewing brewing up some great beer!

Kitchen Pale Ale from Big Spruce Brewing

Jeremy will also be releasing Cereal Killer (Oatmeal Stout) later this week. We did get to sample it and it tasted great but it was not ready for sale. If you are in the area, on Saturday April 6 from 4pm – 8pm (and beyond), Big Spruce Brewing will be having a launch party at the Baddeck Yacht Club. There will be samples, food and entertainment!

If you would like more information on Big Spruce Brewing, check out their Facebook page.



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